Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5K Run (6/10/12) - Ridgefield Park 5K

For those living close to Ridgefield Park or the new Overpeck Park, and want to PR your 5K, this run is definitely easy. The course is practically flat and its mostly a straight away. Unfortunately, I didn't get to run the race, but my girlfriend did, so I'll dedicate this post to her.

The morning started out cool and cloudy but slowly turned humid and hot. Since I'm currently fighting a knee injury, I decided to bring out my dog and cheer on Leslie. It's the least I can do after all the races (marathons) she came out to support. I would have to say that the RD was a bit unorganized at times, but this run is all fun and games. They served breakfast in the morning with different rolls, donuts, coffee, sports drink, etc. and had a morning stretch. Most of the attendees were there for the walk, so I assume they were gobbling down breakfast.

If you're a fast runner, you have a good chance to win an age group award. There were about 75 entrants and a moderate competition. Leslie started out near the front of the pact and stayed there till the end. There was one women who she couldn't beat but then again, she was pumping 6:45 miles while Leslie is still a 7:00 miler. But in the end, she turned out to be 2nd place overall and got an award. The fastest male was seriously fast finishing under 18 minutes...a time that I wouldn't be able to match, but after looking at my age group, I would've came in 4th overall and 1st age group..had I ran, that is.

Overall, a great PR course and a quick fun morning run that is cheap with goodies. They had a raffle for a 32' flat screen TV which I entered but didn't win.