If you've read my "About Me" section, you'll know that I mentioned about being a Charity Athlete.

My goal is to raise money for a few charities using my running as the stepping stone. Just running a race is boring. I don't care too much about the medals or awards. If my running can help others in need, I vow to keep running and raise money. But I can't do it alone. I have many friends, but not everyone will donate.

Please help me on this journey and I will be grateful for your involvement. I don't ask for much. If 10,000 visitors put in $1.00 each, it can help hundreds of people that are desperately in need of help. Your $1.00 will mean much more than any dollar you've spent in your lifetime. These days, a $1.00 is pocket change. You can find coins laying around your apartment to sum up a dollar. I pick up coins on the ground and exchange it to donate to my charities. The little things matter the most.

Below are the charity groups that I am currently helping out with. I've attached the link that goes directly to the donation page. Remember, any amount is appreciated and thank you for even considering to donate.

UPS for DownS  Click Here for Donation
United Parent Support for Down Syndrome
UPS for DownS is a parent directed, non-profit organization offering support, education, and encouragement for parents, families, and others who love and care about persons with Down syndrome. We inspire community acceptance by sharing with others the presence, potential and abilities of people with
Down Syndrome.

Mount Sinai WTC Health Program Click Here for Donation
I partnered up with fellow charity runner Hideki Kinoshita to help raise money for the World Trade Center victims and family. 
(WTC Health Program Info)
The WTC Health Program at Mount Sinai Medical Center offers free comprehensive and confidential medical examinations, ambulatory and inpatient treatment and benefit counseling services to WTC responders who participated in rescue, recovery and clean-up efforts after the September 11, 2001, disaster. 

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